Don Jackson's Prodigal

A Multimedia Brand for the Religiously Curious, Introspective or Frustrated

About Prodigal

Top Multimedia Company in Los Ángeles

Prodigal is unique in the world of multimedia companies, brands, organizations, and independent solution providers because it offers a focused solution that com... Read more

What Makes Prodigal Different?

Prodigal is more than just a digital solution; it's a transformative journey of self-discovery. Drawing on his own experiences as a member of the nation's large... Read more

Don's Story

Don Jackson's journey has been marked by adversity, but through it all, he has discovered his own unique version of spirituality and personal growth. In his new... Read more

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Multi-Media Mix

Book Release

A key factor of Don Jackson’s Prodigal, is the Book release that entails to it!

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Theatre Series

Based on the Book release, Prodigal would also follow with a Theatre Series as an integral part of the brand!

Digital Media Mix

Conjunction of the two towards a Digital Media Mix


Based on the Book release, Prodigal would also follow with a Theatre Series and Animation Series as an integral part of the brand!


Barbara Kelly /LAWIRE.COM

In the realm of literature, there are rare gems that have the power to stir the depths of our souls and challenge our perceptions of the world. Don Jackson’s debut novel, ‘Prodigal,’ falls into this category, as it masterfully delves into the hidden dimensions of spirituality, inviting readers on an emotionally charged journey of self-discovery and awakening. With its unique narrative and profound insights, ‘Prodigal’ captivates the imagination, revealing the unseen aspects of our existence and igniting a transformative exploration of the spiritual world.